Customer Personality Profile: The Most Adventurous Cookie Buyers

Do you consider the personality traits of your customers?

Customer Personality Profile: The Most Adventurous Cookie Buyers

Do you consider the personality traits of your customers?

Who here doesn’t like cookies (or, for our British readers, biscuits)? Inconceivable though it may be, some don’t. Most do, though, so this is an incredibly important area of study, and one into which the StatSocial insights engine is uniquely qualified to dig.

Even those of you out there who hate cookies (and presumably sunshine and puppies, as well) have to concede that they are rather widely enjoyed. From our perspective, every cookie is an adventure in itself, and all of we who indulge are on some very real level heroic and adventurous. We imagine this much is understood and beyond dispute.

But consider this if you can: Some cookie eaters are even more adventurous still. Indeed, some seek a thrill to degrees that many of we intrepid devourers of all manner of small, flat, oh-so sweet baked goods would never dare imagine.

Marketers and brands, however, may try to imagine it. Being able to gauge the personality types of your brand customers, or your competitors (or any other audience whose attentions might be desirable) is an invaluable insight. Once you know that a significant portion of your audience is adventurous in temperament — meaning that they’re just itching to experience new things, and find familiarity and routine boring — then how to proceed from there should come into focus.

“But HOW, StatSocial, Can You Measure Adventurousness?!”

Among the great many things StatSocial w ill tell you about any audience, one of the most distinctive, revealing, and essential, is a breakdown of the various personality types that can be found among your customers (via 1st party or 3rd party insight overlays). In addition to affinities (from brands of soap to soap operas to opera houses to realtors, and so on), loyalties, demographics, and geolocations — all of which get to the root of the oh-so important “what?” — we provide the predictive edge, by also addressing the big, fat “who?” in the room. With a fully fleshed out picture, the behaviors of a given customer segment can be much more accurately anticipated.

Thanks to StatSocial ’s proud partnership with IBM Watson™ and the integration of their Personality Insights™ service into our reporting we can report on 52 unique personality traits with as much confidence as we do those metrics which to some might seem more concrete.

How does Watson help us do that, you ask?

As is being concluded with increasing frequency , s ocial media audience analysis is far more reliable than traditional research for learning public opinion(s), and predicting public behaviors. The data StatSocial uses to calculate its insights is pulled in from the web’s many far flung nooks and crannies. This includes social media postings, blog entries, articles, message board posts, and all writings each audience’s member has posted.

Watson ’s sophisticated AI allows IBM Watson Personality Insights ™ to analyze these postings and infer from the language and tone used — with extraordinary accuracy — the personality types of those behind the communications.

To learn more, visit IBM Watson’s site here.

Let’s dive into our findings.

What You Are Seeing on the Below Graphic

Scores on the below graphic have been calculated using 100 to represent the occurrence of adventurousness among the average American audience. Using this baseline of 100 for context, we can see below that, for example, consumers of Walkers cookies find the adventurous among their crowd to a degree that exceeds the average by over 1.87 times.

Consumers of Tates Bake Shop cookies count the adventurous among their ranks to a degree that exceeds the average by over 3.10 times . Adventurous sorts can be found among consumers of Newman’s Ow n cookies to an extent exceeding the average by 2.34 times .

It could not make more sense that the brand topping the list is a relative newcomer to the cookie game, particularly on the national snack stage. Toward what would the adventurous gravitate more so than the new ?

Tate’s Bake Shop — named for the actual Hamptons, New York shop (and eventually shops ) where the distinctive thin, crispy cookies originated in 2000 — was just acquired this year, by Mondelēz International , for $500 million. As you can see above, the extent to which the adventurous seek refuge among Tate’s Bake Shop ’s audience exceeds their existence among the average American audience by over 3.10 times . Even if they made a black pepper cookie, which research suggests they don’t, that’s nothing to sneeze at (however, eating such a cooking might qualify as adventurous).

“Nobody can eat fifty cookies.” Newman’s Own ’s founder and namesake — silver screen legend Paul Newman — in ‘ Cool Hand Luke ’ (sort of).

Moving down the list: With ALL of the royalties going to charity, and the name and piercing blue eyed likeness of the late, great Paul Newman staring out at you from the packaging, it’s always a pleasure to tuck into a bag of Newman’s Own cookies. For some it might also be an adventure.

Be that the case or not, a portion of Newman’s Own ’s cookie consumers, exceeding the baseline by over 2.34 times , will be seeking adventure one way or another.

A brand worth noting for ranking toward this list’s upper-regions dates back to the days when you would go to the Bijou and be treated to four cartoons, a newsreel, three B pictures , and two A features. You could also procure some popcorn, sauerkraut candy, and two delectable Cel-Ray sodas. The whole date, of course, would run you a nickel.

In truth, these treats date back to the days before motion pictures were even invented.

Indicating that being on the marketplace for well in excess of a century does not diminish the excitement surrounding a product, the adventurous can be found among Barnum’s Animals ’ customers to a degree exceeding the average by nearly 1.39 times . It does take a bit of nerve, no doubt, to eat a lion whole. So, we get it.

You can peruse the full list for yourselves above, and if you need anything clarified do not hesitate to reach out.

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