StatSocial‘s Crisis Insights: Helping Brands Navigate Our Current Climate

Today, we here at StatSocial have launched our brand new service, Crisis Insights, the first-ever audience insights service of its kind.

StatSocial‘s Crisis Insights: Helping Brands Navigate Our Current Climate

Today, StatSocial has launched a brand new service, Crisis Insights, the first-ever audience insights service of its kind.

Built on StatSocial’s Silhouette ™ social data platform, the service has been devised in direct response to the rapidly changing consumer climate, born of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Silhouette ™ monitors and analyzes more than 1.3 billion social accounts, encompassing more than 70% of U.S. households. It is the only platform that tracks and segments social audiences at such a scale.

Crisis Insights reports on the constantly evolving dynamics of consumers, engaging with 30 topics across across four major categories:

  • Coronavirus/COVID-19 (e.g. medical influencers, elder care, health treatments)
  • Preparednes s (home security, social isolation, stockpilers, parenting during crisis)
  • Psychographics (anxiety/stress, #FlattenTheCurve, #ReturnToWork, Urban Exodus)
  • Economy (Business Travelers, Working From Home, Job Security, Stock Market)

In nearly real time, Crisis Insights offers users a window into the quickly developing concerns, behaviors, outlooks, and preferences of consumers. The entirely new and distinct audience segments being created by our current, unprecedented climate are being identified, described, and defined; including from which media sources and influencers these segments are getting their news and information.

These new audience segments are combined with Silhouette ’s psychographic data, and our taxonomy’s over 85,000 consumer attributes, giving CMOs and analytics teams a nearly immediate understanding of a given moment’s market dynamics. From there, the best informed, and most current and relevant choices can be made.

In a statement, released today, StatSocial ’s CEO, David Barker , was quoted as sharing the following:

“The response to our new service has been overwhelming. We are already working with the CMO of a major electronics manufacturer that sells through retail stores. With that channel now on hold, we’re helping them identify new customer segments based on their responses to the crisis. A political campaign has asked us to provide daily insights on voter sentiment and dynamics across these affected groups. Lastly, a media platform has asked us to update our crisis data to their taxonomy on a daily basis so it is available to their customers.”

You can check out the full press release at the link below:

Those curious are encouraged to reach out, so we can schedule a time to chat .

With that, we hope that all reading are staying safe, and getting through this trying time to the best of their abilities.

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